Royal Family Kids Camp

Royal Family Kids Camp

Royal Family Kids Camp has been a ministry of the Houghton Wesleyan Church for 17 years. We are pleased and privileged to be a major supporter of this international ministry that touches children around the world as well as children here in the Southern Tier.

RFKC is the primary outreach of Royal Family KIDS which was founded in 1990 by Wayne and Diane Tesch. The purpose of Royal Family KIDS is to give hope to as many as possible of the 3.6 million abused and neglected children in this country alone. RFK now hosts 192 camps (including camps in 10 foreign countries) touching almost 7,000 children with the love and hope of Jesus Christ. More than 8,000 volunteers donate more than 1.3 million hours in ministry to these needy, loved children of God.

Along with our local camp director, John VanWicklin, about 75 people (about half from HWC) volunteer to work at our area camp which hosts 51 campers (31 girls and 20 boys) who come mainly from Allegany and Wyoming Counties. This year, however, one camper came from North Carolina and another from Adironack Park. The staff gives huge amounts of time and energy to these little ones about whom Jesus said: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (Mark 10:14).

Our local camp took place July 10-15. Thank you to John and all of the volunteers. Thank you to all who provide behind the scenes support. Let me encourage you to devote extra time in prayer for the campers and counselors. These children are in crisis because of the work of the evil one. Even though the wake of his presence in this world, particularly toward children, is devastating, he is no match for our God. Let’s pray that God’s power, grace and mercy, revealed this week, will lead the campers to experience life transformation that will grow every day of their lives.

One of my favorite images of Jesus in the Gospels takes place in the setting of Jesus speaking about little children. Mark tells us that after Jesus rebukes the disciples for hindering the children from getting to him, Jesus takes the children in his arms, puts his hands on them and blesses them (Mark 10:16). I never tire of visualizing this image of Jesus with little children all over him. Royal Family Kids Camp is one way that together we help little children climb up into the lap of Jesus and experience His loving embrace.

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