Motivation for Dehydration

We often declare that youth are the future of the church. We mean that we need to be careful to help them and train them because the day is coming when we will be out of the picture and they will be running the show. I want to go on record as declaring that this sentiment is wrong! The truth is that our youth are the church now and many of them are involved in a variety of ways. One way is through the organization Motivation for Dehydration.

Motivation for Dehydration is an organization started by Houghton Academy students, Rachel Brubaker and Kelcie Mastin. Their goal is to raise enough money ($10,000) to pay for World Hope to dig a well and help people in Sierra Leone. On their Facebook page they state, “I know it’s a lot but we like to dream big!”

Kelcie and Rachel got the idea for this project when they attended the Wesleyan youth convention, LoveMercy. One of the speakers, Zach Hunter, said that people in Africa use less water in one day than it takes to flush a toilet. His words struck their open hearts.

So far they have raised $1455 and are planning a talent show this Friday evening in the church Community Room to raise more. They are also working on other fundraising events. It impresses me that all of this work is to help others who live with such great need.

I think back to when I was in Junior High and I don’t think I gave the needs of the world a whole lot of thought. I was pretty much into myself and my own issues of life. So, when I see these young women so excited about this project to help others, I want to jump up and down and tell everyone!

I realize that there are lots of causes we can give to. Let me encourage you to think about helping them. Doing so isn’t just giving water to needy people; it’s also investing in the church—now and for years to come.