Black Friday Shopping

Last Friday is considered the biggest shopping day of the year in this country. Unlike the days dubbed “Black Thursday” and “Black Monday” which refer to the crash of the stock market in 1929, “Black Friday” is so named because it’s a day retailers’ balance sheets are running with black ink from the huge sales.

A few years ago our family started the tradition of getting up early Friday morning for the sales. During these years we’ve noticed some things about the people who work on that crazy day and the people who come out to shop on that crazy day. Despite the instances of people harming each other or someone spraying other shoppers with mace in order to get the item she wanted, we have found that there is actually a very positive spirit among the people who engage in this day of shopping revelry. We found early on that when you stand in line for an hour at 5:00 in the morning, you tend to bond with people. People tend to help out each other, and despite the lack of sleep and the desire to get your hands on that phenomenal deal, people tend to be in a pretty good mood.

For us, this tradition is less about the shopping (even though we’re definitely looking for bargains) and more about just being together, doing something fun and building memories (we do have many humorous stories of our Black Friday adventures). One of our other family traditions at this time of year is spending time each Sunday of Advent reading a devotional, singing a carol and lighting the candles of the Advent wreath. It’s a part of this season that all of us remember and enjoy.

Whatever the make-up of your family, what traditions are you building? What kinds of memories are you creating for yourself? For your children? For your grandchildren? You could make Christmas cookies or decorate the house or go caroling or watch everyone’s favorite movie or participate in Advent devotions like the Jesse Tree (available online or at the church). May God bless you as you building memories in your life and in others.