Thinking About the World

This weekend is our annual missions conference at Houghton Wesleyan Church. I’ve been pastor here for almost sixteen years: this church has been active in missions long before I arrived. In fact, the interest in the world is one of the reasons we felt a connection to this congregation.

Every year this weekend provides us the opportunity to remember that God loves the whole world—something we as human beings are prone to forget.

Even when we work hard to keep from falling into self-centeredness, we still do. Even when we make every attempt to take our eyes off ourselves, we still do. Our penchant for self-absorption is why these weekends are so important. The point is not to ignore ourselves but keep our lives in perspective. We are part of something far bigger than us. We are loved by God…and so is every person in all the world.

I am convinced that the moment we forget or ignore the greater world that God creates and loves, the moment we believe that we are disconnected from all other people, the moment we feel dispassionate and unconcerned about the burdens and needs, not to mention the spiritual well-being of the whole world, we are no longer living with the mind of Christ who loved and cared for the world so much that He gave His life.