Summer Sabbath 2017

SUMMER SABBATH has become an integral part of the rhythm of who we are as a congregation. During these weeks, most activities (Sunday School, Sunday evening, Wednesday evening, committee meetings) except for Sunday morning (worship, nursery, children’s church) are dismissed so that our volunteers have an opportunity for rest and to provide more time for friends and family to be together—to enjoy one another, to celebrate God’s creation, to declare that our God is not a taskmaster but a loving Father who rejoices in our work and our play, and to remember that we are not loved by God because we are busy but because God is love.
Sabbath is not a time of prohibition but a time of rejoicing because we belong to God and in Christ we are free. Christian freedom is not so much freedom from but freedom to—freedom to value, freedom to be, freedom to enjoy, freedom to try on. This is why Isaiah can say that for those who truly follow God, the Sabbath is a holy day that brings delight to our parched and needy souls (Isaiah 58:11-14).
May God bless you with a restful, spiritual Summer Sabbath. May he renew your spirit, restore your body and refresh your mind for your life with him and for his glory.
2017 Summer Worship Schedule:

  • July 2 – August 13 ………. 10:00 am (Summer Sabbath)
  • August 20 ………. 8:20 am, 9:40 am and 11:00 am