Lay Leadership

Lay Leadership


The Elders, along with the pastoral staff, are the spiritual leaders of our congregation. These leaders form a partnership of mutual support and accountability with the pastoral staff so that spiritual leadership might be a dynamic force in the body of Christ, enabling the church to become all that God wills for it. Though the elders are endowed with authority in the church, the most important characteristics are humility, joy, love, a combination of grace and truth, and a desire for Christlikeness through the power of the Holy Spirit—goals toward which we continually aspire. 

Because we believe that God creates men and women as equals (Genesis 1:26-27), and because it is obvious that God endows leadership gifts to both men and women, elders consist of men and women.

Elders are elected for three-year terms and are limited to two consecutive terms.

Elders for the 2017-2018 year are Jim Zoller (Secretary), David Mercer (Treasurer), Kathie Brenneman, Dave Brubaker, Jesse Fink, Don Little, Troy Martin, Larry Mullen, Gudy Stevenson, Donnie Stockin, and Matt Webb.


The Trustees are also spiritual leaders, charged with the stewardship of the church’s physical resources (buildings, grounds, vehicles, equipment). While we value the organizational, mechanical and artistic gifts of our Trustees, they are chosen to serve primarily because of their spiritual maturity, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and desire to be shaped into the image of Jesus Christ.

The Trustees are elected for three-year terms.

Trustees for the 2017-2018 year are Dar Beardsley, Harold Blew, John Christensen, Nathan Danner, Mitch Liddick, Susan Martin, Phil Merrill, and Michael Spateholts.

Delegates to District Conference

for 2017 are Dick and Gerry Alderman, Dave and Karen Daugherty, Jonathan and Kathie Hilsher, Dean and Carmen Liddick, Nancy Luckey, Carolyn Miller, John and Sandy Roederer, Debbie Shea, and Daryl and Gudy Stevenson.

Nominating Committee

Beth Beardsley, Jane Buteyn, and Paul Young


Our committees exist to help us carry out the ministry of Christ more effectively. The committees serve as avenues for planning in order to collectively know the mind of Christ for our ministries, for organization in order to most effectively bring to fruition the plans we sense Christ has for us, and for communication in order to encourage, support, equip and assist our ministry volunteers. We believe that our committees are successful when their unseen work is lived out in the seen ministries that they oversee.

Church Committees:

College – Chair: Pastor Paul Shea

Youth – Chair: Pastor Jon Cole

Missions – Chair: Pastor Paul Shea

Children – Chair: Laurie Smalley