Senior Citizens

Highlights June2017

The Houghton Area Seniors from northern Allegany County meet monthly on the second Thursday for fellowship, food, and an interesting program—sometimes music, sometimes a travelogue, sometimes local color, sometimes valuable information—always interesting.

  • Seniors Luncheon2Ken Gaerte, General Questions
  • Ellis Brotzman, Secretary of the Treasury
  • Becky Baines, Secretary of the Interior
  • Jill Schmidt, Senior Dietitian
  • Others as needed from time-to-time including volunteers.

New members age 55+ always welcome ~ caregivers, also, regardless of age.


Consumers are responsible for their own utensils, serviettes, and dessert receptacles. The first letter of your last name determines your contribution at each carry-in lunch:

September, January and May:

  • A-F Desserts
  • G-N Casseroles
  • O-Z Salads

October and April:

  • A-F Salads
  • G-N Desserts
  • O-Z Casseroles

December, March, and June Picnic:

  • A-F Casseroles
  • G-N Salads
  • O-Z Desserts

REMEMBER: November and February we will serve catered meals for a modest fee. Thank you. 

2016-2017 Senior Citizens Program Calendar

  • September 8 – Trends in American Politics – Dr. Ronald Oakerson
  • October 13 – It’s for the Birds – Dr. Eli Knapp 
  • November 10 – Readers’ Theater – Dr. Douglas Gaerte, et al 
  • December 8 – Houghton Academy Christmas Music Presentation
  • January 12 – A Virtual Walk Through Letchworth Park – Dr. Connie Finney
  • February 9 – Senior Pharmacy – Drug Issues – Anita Mattison, Coordinator of Services, Allegany County Office for the Aging
  • March 9 – Music Presentation (Greatbatch School of Music)
  • April 13 – Allegany Department of Health – Lori Ballengee, Public Health Director
  • May 11 –  Sacred Space – Dr. Sarah Derck
  • June 8 – Annual Picnic ­- Texas Hot, a Wellsville and Raptis-Rigas Families Success Story – Jim Raptis